Top 10 Hot Topics to Discuss on a First Date

First dates can be awkward if you don’t know what to talk about. But, if you want your date to be an unforgettable one, here are some questions that will help spark conversation and create a memorable atmosphere.

1. Ask about their favorite place to travel

It’s common for people to talk about their favorite spots when on a date, so it’s beneficial to find out where they like to go. Not only will this give you insight into their travel preferences, but it can be an excellent ice breaker as well.

2. Ask about their career

Work is an integral part of life, so it’s not surprising to hear someone discuss their job on a first date. But to make the conversation interesting and lively, try using creative language when asking this question.

3. Ask about their hobbies and interests

Hobbies and interests are an excellent way to keep a conversation going, especially if you’re planning a second date as it will demonstrate that both of you share similar values and interests. This method works especially well when setting expectations for the evening.

4. Ask about their best friend

This topic often goes overlooked on first dates, but it can provide great insight into who the person is as a person. Most people have at least one close friend, so asking about who theirs is can give you an insightful glimpse into who they are as an individual.

5. Explore their values

According to Lauren Cloud, a licensed counselor in Chicago, someone’s values often shape their decisions and behaviors. Therefore, it’s wise to inquire about your date’s values – such as spiritual or moral center, ideal mate or generosity with time and money – whether these include any spiritual or moral imperatives for them. This kind of conversation can provide invaluable insight into what drives them and guide your choices accordingly.

6. Discuss their past relationships

It’s perfectly acceptable to talk about someone’s previous relationships, but it should be done tactfully. Avoid saying anything that will trigger painful memories or send your date into a downward spiral of emotion.

7. Ask about their family

It is essential to remain respectful and non-judgmental when discussing your date’s family. Your date’s parents may have different values from your own, so it can be beneficial to gain insight into why.

8. Ask About Their Childhood and Upbringing

Frame these questions in a meaningful way for both of you. It could be that both of you share similar backgrounds or family histories, so discussing your childhood experiences together is an excellent way to get to know each other better.

9. Ask about their friends and family

Many people have close connections with those closest to them. Knowing who these people are can give you a good indication of who they are as an individual, as well as how they communicate with others.

10. Ask About Their Pets

If your date is fortunate, they likely own a beloved pet that brings them joy. This can be an ideal opportunity to discuss how much they adore their furry friends and what makes them contented.